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The Home & Personal Items App!

We keep your items, services, receipts & every note safe and secure – and we alert you to recalls on your vehicles and consumer products.  For free!
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Two types of people in over 30 countries use Itemtopia.
The organized person who simply loves us – and all of us normal people who instantly realize we need it!

It’s important to have a safe place to keep information about the things you own and save details about the services you have or use.  It doesn’t stop at receipts or warranties or contacts. It’s about the things that happen to those items over time.  This means you need a perfect place to make notes on those things. People today use Itemtopia to keep everything about these items (images, videos, manuals, notes, documents, agreements and receipts) in one secure place. Once you add your items, collections or services, it’s all transferred to a secure cloud server using SSL 256-bit encryption, just like your bank transactions. And, your data is secure if you lose your phone, because when you log into Itemtopia with your new phone, all the data is still there.

Item and Services categories make it easy

Itemtopia can be used to track what is most important to you about your things.  But we also make this a snap.  Just add your item or service by filling out the pre-populated fields which relate to that item type.  You can also categorize related items into folders to help keep them organized.

Keeping detailed records & reminders

Some items, like cars or pets, have a long life of their own.  Over time you learn things and will want to record what happened or you’ll buy or repair the car or have the pet groomed or see a vet.  These receipts, notes and activities can be logged in Itemtopia for future reference.   We’ve built this searchable functionality because some items have more information than just a receipt.

Save your warranty documentation

Add your warranty documents to Itemtopia to ensure you always have the complete details.  Items can have multiple warranties per item as some people buy extended warranties. All warranties allow for parts/labor options and the expiry date. If you ever need to make a claim, you will have all of the fine print on hand to know if you are covered, and to see what is included in your warranty.  Itemtopia will also let you know when you warranty is about to expire so you can be notified and get an extension if necessary.

Receipts and More

Never lose your receipts again. Simply snap photos of them, attach PDF versions of the receipt or link to any online receipt.  This ensures you always have your receipt on hand if you need to make a return, process a warranty claim, or review it for taxes. You also have the ability to add additional information, such as purchase location, date, price, and add notes specific to your purchase.

Get Notified of Recalls

Every time you add an item from an applicable category, Itemtopia instantly checks for any active recalls on that item from several database sources. If any are found we send you a notification with all of its details.  If a recall appears at a later time, as soon as we get notified with a match, you’re notified at the same time.  This piece of mind ensures we help you stay safe.

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