The App You Never Knew You Needed

People in over 80 countries use Itemtopia to keep track of important facts, notes, images and all details of everything about their home, possessions, services and family.

We simplify your life and protect this valuable data. Say goodbye to note apps, spreadsheets and filing cabinets by putting all of that info at your fingertips - even when you are off-line!

The App You Never Knew You Needed

Itemtopia is the One App To Track Everything in Your Life

Itemtopia starts with a My Life page, where you can keep your items, services and family members in the three provided tabs.

Add Anything You Own

Within the Items tab you can add your home, vehicles, appliances, furniture, art, tools, and even the things you collect. Our default categories ask the right questions for the item being added, and you can even create custom categories or add folders to groups your items.

Track Services Related to Your Items or Your Life

Whether the service is related to one of your items, like your home insurance, or stands on its own, we allow you to track them. Utility companies, health insurance plans, cleaning services and more can all be managed within the Services tab.

Keep Details on Your Family and Pets

The Family tab within Itemtopia allows you to create profiles for family members and even pets. Now you can keep notes, health records, save achievements, add documents, and create reminders for appointments. You can also link family members to items or services.

Itemtopia Keeps Your Data Safe

Never worry about losing your data with cloud storage. If you lose your phone or tablet, just log-in with a new device, and your data is sent via encryption to your new phone.

Itemtopia is also free of any ads, ensuring none of your data is secretly shared with third parties.

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