The ‘Get Organized’ App!

We’re the incredibly simple app to keep yourself better organized. Just add your home, your things, your pets, your services, and even your family – and add notes, photos, receipts, warranties, and reminders – for free!

We’re in 9 languages and 65 Countries now!

Every second of the day we help people around the world stay organized and, there’s a reason for this.

Our app is simple, flexible and it was designed to focus on exactly what you need. With free support, offline and multi-device support, we even encrypt your data and include cloud backup just in case you lose your phone. Everything you create is on the device you are using.

Our team has been enhancing Itemtopia for over 5 years, but more importantly than that, we know that ten years from now, you’ll still be using it – because it becomes an extension of you – and everything you have in your life.

Get Organized with Itemtopia.

What do our users say?

Perfect – Best home inventory app I tried and I looked at 15 or so. This is really a beautiful app, super easy to use and NO ads in it either. The data is in the cloud so never gets lost if I lose my phone which many others did not even do that. Best free app I have now.

J. Harrison

I am just now finding your app… My brain practically exploded with the possibilities of this app…. This is amazing, keep up the good work.

Danielle L.

The more I use it, the more I discover awesome functions. You guys work really hard to maintain and upgrade this app, and thats really appreciated.

Joe B.

I love the all new Itemtopia. The interface is great and it captures all that I want in a neat and organized manner.

Mathew T.

Hello and thanks for developing this wonderful app!  I learned about Itemtopia after doing a search on the App Store for a home inventory tool… This app provides what I need for that purpose and much more! It looks like something I would use for many years.

Tina C.